Fall by J.L Herrmann

Fall November 2009 - Jim Herrmann

Fall descends
Winter's just around the bend
So much on my mind
Feel I'm falling behind

Leaves fall down
In streams of yellow and brown
From my eyes fall the tears
Of a lust for bygone years

Love turns like the autumn leaves
To a winter of discontent
The impulse is to up and leave
All full of bad intent
The river of time keeps flowing
Snow melts and winter ends
True love keeps on going
Spring brings new life again

You can't see
What you've been doing to me
Your love has fallen away
How I long for yesterday

Love is blind
Often it is quite hard to find
Never know when it comes along
Falling for a lover's song


Fall down
Fall down to the ground

Fall from grace
Fall flat on your face

Fall on your knees
Fall in love head over heels


|D |E |A G |F#m |
|D |E |A G |F#m |
|E |F#m |D |Bm |
|E |F#m |D |E |

|Amaj7|C#m |Amaj7|C#m |
|Amaj7|C#m |Amaj7|C#m |
|Bm |C#m |Bm |C#m |

|Amaj7|C#m |Amaj7|C#m |
|Amaj7|C#m |Amaj7|C#m |
|Bm |C#m |Bm |C#m |
|Dmaj7|E |

|Amaj7|C#m |Amaj7|C#m |

  • Artist: J.L Herrmann
  • Title: Fall
  • Album: 11
  • Track: 7
  • Year: 2011
  • Length: 4:38 minutes (7.77 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 234Kbps (VBR)