JL Herrmann - 11

Jim Herrmann's third album. Released Friday 11/11/11.

All songs composed by Jim Herrmann except “Big Fish” by Jim Herrmann and Anne Lamoy and “Be Strong Live Long” by Jim Herrmann and Linda Erday
Produced by Jim Herrmann
Engineered by Jim Herrmann and Thomas Herrmann
Recorded at IT Sounds Great Studios
Photography and graphics by Linda Erday

Love At First Site
True story of the meeting of my wife. Sometimes a chance meeting can lead to a decades long adventure. Tom on drums, Thomas on lead guitars and fiddle.

Be With You
Being present to the one you are with, and focused on them, leads to good times. Ryan on drums and Thomas on Lead guitar. Power trio.

Written on the day of my first born child, about the changes that incurs, and now all the music for this song is created by that same child. I wrote it and sing it, but Thomas does all the music.

Kiwi Blues
Tommy challenged me to write a song about kiwi, the fruit, so I read the Wikipedia article, and wrote this song that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about kiwi. All true. Ryan on drums, Johnny on lead guitar, and Gary doing some percussion.

Big Fish
Song for my Dad, who never wanted to be a little fish in a big pond. Thomas on drums, Doug on lead and slide guitar, and Johnny on lap steel. Written with Anne Lamoy.

Leave The Lights On
Is it a love song, or a stalker song? Sometimes its hard to tell the difference. Ryan on drums, Thomas on guitars, and Rick with the low vocal harmony.

Fall is a word with a lot of meanings. With Matthew’s acoustic guitar, Thomas’ orchestration, and a touch of Gary’s percussion, and all that’s left is for me to sing.

Are We Ever Gonna Love Again?
As relationships start to disintegrate, this an important musical question. Tom on the drums, Thomas on the lead guitar, and BJ providing some backing vocals.

Take My Breath Away
This is based on a joke I heard on the radio. It makes for a fun song. Thomas plays drums and lead guitar on this one, Gary plays percussion, and John Mitchell does some backing vocal.

Showers In My Soul
It’s important to be with unhappy sometimes to better appreciate being happy. Tom plays drums, Thomas plays lead guitar, and the thunder and rain is from RHumphries via freesound.org and the creative commons license.

Dream Girl
If I’m making a list for my ideal woman, this song has a good start. Tom plays drums and I do everything else.

How Can I Miss You
Sometimes you just want it to be done and over with. Just go away. Ryan plays drums, Thomas plays lead guitar. There’s that power trio again.

You Don't Own Me
Relationship song, or a song about work? You decide. Ryan plays drums, Johnny plays lead guitar, and Rick lays down the low harmony vocal.

A song to my brother, killed in 1984, written during my Landmark Forum as a personal breakthrough. Tom plays drums, Doug plays lead,Thomas adds a second rhythm guitar, and Gary plays some percussion.

Choose Your Battles
Sometimes the battle chooses us, but so often we fight over stupid stuff. Tom plays drums, and Thomas plays lead guitar and fiddle.

Be Strong Live Long
A cancer song. I’m not a survivor, I just had a medical condition that had to be managed. Thomas plays the fiddle, and I do everything else. Written with Linda Erday.

Find A New Way To B
You can change where you live, but that won’t change who you are being. Tom plays drums, Thomas plays lead guitar, and Gary adds some percussion.

Grab What You Can
Let the good time roll! Ryan plays drums, Johnny plays lead guitar, Gary plays percussion and harmonica, the backing crowd is done by John, Rick (the human bass line), BJ, Johnny, and Gary.

Jim Herrmann - Lead and backing Vocals, rhythm guitars, Bass, Loperamide Shaker
Thomas Herrmann - Lead Guitars, Drums, Violins, Orchestrations, Loperamide Shaker, All instruments and inspiration on “Tommy”
Tom Moore - Drums
Ryan Grogan - Drums
Johnny Ricker - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Lapsteel, Backing vocal
Doug Schmidt - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar
Matthew McKinney - Acoustic guitar on “Fall”
Gary Miller - Percussion, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Rick Malsick - Backing Vocals
B.J. McArthur - Backing Vocals
John Mitchell - Backing Vocals