Love At First Sight by J.L Herrmann

Love at First Sight - September 2005

Would you believe in a love at first sight?
The kind of thing that happens maybe once in a life
Do you believe in a love at first sight?
Knocks you off your feet and really opens your eyes
Nothing can compare to that magical night
When you find your love at first sight.

You walked into the room, I noticed right away
I saw you look around, and I hoped you would stay
Your friend and you took, a seat cross the room
Our eyes finally met and my heart went boom
Exchanging smiles and glances then I gave you a wink
To my surprise you came and asked to have a drink


We talked for awhile, your friend had to go
We chatted some more and we started to know
We went for a walk down the street to the park
That's when we decided we should not be apart
We walked around town until we found my car
Went back to your place and on to the stars


We've had our share of elation
We've had our share of strife
The trials and the tribulations
Of living out our life
I know I often make you mad
But no matter what you might think
You should know that I'm really glad
That you asked me for that drink

Chorus (change to first person)



|D(add A)E|D |D(add A)E|D |
|Em G |D |Em G |D |

|D |A |G |G F# G A|
|D |A |G |G F# G A|
|G |G A |G A |D |

|D |G |D |A |
|D |G |D |A |
|Bm |G A |Bm |G A |
|A |A |

Intro progression
|Em G |D |Em G |D |
|Em G |D |Em G |A |
|G A |D |G A |D |
|G A |G A |G |A |