Winfield Marks The Years Of My Time by J L Herrmann

Winner at Walnut Valley Festival 2012 in the Winfield Song category

Lyrics for Winfield Marks the Years of My Time

I'm rolling into town across the Walnut bridge
I smell the camp fires burning there's a smile upon my lips
I pull up with to the ticket booth greeted by a friendly smile
We both know good and well that I'm staying for awhile
Land rush calls us to our spots we're staying I believe
Pretending we could stay right here and never have to leave

Winfield marks the years of my time
The years flow slowly past on down the line
Like the Walnut River flowing
Through the campground of our lives
Winfield marks the years of my time

The contests really bring enormous talent in
The finest pickers in the land all hoping they can win
Flatpick, fingerpick, old fiddle and banjo
Mountain and hammer dulcimer, autoharp and mando
The most important contest as we all know
Is the wonderful fabulous brand new song show


When I really think back my eyes well up with tears
Of all the great performers I've seen through the years.
Bush, Fleck, Flynn, and Cowan revived some new grass
Hot Rize and Red Knuckles had us laughing off our ass
Bryan Bowers and Mike Cross took the stage by themselves
A young man named Johnny Mac comes each year himself
John and Tom and Toucan Jam entertained all our kids
And no one can write a song each year like McCutcheon did
The Dixie Chicks, Nickel Creek, Krause and her station
Have all gone on to bigger things selling across the nation
Wyos, Waybacks, and Tony Rice brought eclectic to the mix
Dedannon, the Ladies, and Munnely gave us an Irish fix
A slew of mighty pickers have graced the Winfield stage
Mark O'Conner blew us away at a tender age
Crary, Kaufmann, Bennett, and Gambetta played
But Tommy E came along and blew them all away
Crow Johnson left some mighty shoes to fill
But Kelly and Donna manage to still be on that hill


Saturday night at the festival is like my new years eve
And Sunday morning starts a whole new year
We pack up our camp site not wanting to leave
And go back to our jobs that buys all that gear
We say good bye to our friends that we hold so dear
We'll keep each other in our hearts until we're all back here