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Find a new Way to B by J.L Herrmann

Find a New Way To B September 2009 - Jim Herrmann

Change your longitude, change your latitude
won't change nothin' 'til you change your attitude
Move to the trees or move to the sea
won't move your life until you Find a New Way To Be
Find a New Way To Be

You've got troubles as you live in the bubble
of a life you stumbled into
You trip and you tumble, flip and you fumble
through that routine you always do
You want out now but you don't know how
You wanna get away from the game that you play


4:09 minutes (7.64 MB)

Grab What You Can by J.L Herrmann

Grab What You Can Blues March 2009 - Jim Herrmann

If you're slidin down a mountain
fallin out of control
If you're fallin down a mountain
slidin out of control
Grab what you can
save your doggone soul

If you're broke and you're busted
and your job has let you go
If you're broke and you're busted
and your job has let you go
Grab what you can
and let all the rest go

Bridge (with stops)
Grab it on the road
or grab it in your home
Grab it in the morn
or when the sun is sinking low
You got to Grab What You Can

3:18 minutes (5.65 MB)

Dear Companion by Linda Erday performed by Corey and Emily

Written by Linda Erday, performed by her children, Corey on guitar and Emily singing.

2:58 minutes (3.63 MB)

Winfield Marks The Years Of My Time by J L Herrmann

Winner at Walnut Valley Festival 2012 in the Winfield Song category

Lyrics for Winfield Marks the Years of My Time

I'm rolling into town across the Walnut bridge
I smell the camp fires burning there's a smile upon my lips
I pull up with to the ticket booth greeted by a friendly smile
We both know good and well that I'm staying for awhile
Land rush calls us to our spots we're staying I believe
Pretending we could stay right here and never have to leave

Winfield marks the years of my time
The years flow slowly past on down the line
Like the Walnut River flowing

4:30 minutes (6.35 MB)

I Voted Today by Jim Herrmann

A song I wrote in 2006. Do your civic duty and vote every two years.

2:22 minutes (2.18 MB)
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