11 Demo

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This album contains the demo tracks I recorded for my 2011 album "11", and shared here so that other musicians can hear the songs and prepare to help me make a kick ass album. There are mistakes here and there. The guitar is a cheap guitar I bought for being on the road. The mix isn't the greatest. There are plosives in the vocals. There are forgotten words and missed chords. Not perfect, but perfectly adequate demo quality. The recordings get the idea of the song across well. The album version will be waaay better.

Demo Grab What You Can by JL Herrmann

3:01 minutes (4.15 MB)

Demo Find a New Way To Be by JL Herrmann

3:17 minutes (4.5 MB)

Demo Choose Your Battles by JL Herrmann

5:02 minutes (6.93 MB)

Demo Breakthrough by JL Herrmann

3:16 minutes (4.48 MB)

Demo You Don't Own Me by JL Herrmann

3:35 minutes (4.92 MB)

Demo Leave The Lights On by JL Herrmann

3:50 minutes (5.26 MB)

Demo How Can I Miss You by JL Herrmann

4:09 minutes (5.71 MB)

Demo Fall by JL Herrmann

Words and chords:

4:30 minutes (6.19 MB)

Demo You Used To Take My Breath Away by JL Herrmann

3:13 minutes (4.42 MB)

Demo Showers In My Soul by JL Herrmann

5:21 minutes (7.35 MB)
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