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We Are The People by The Herrmannators

We are the People we've been waiting for
We are the People we've been waiting for
We are the People we've been waiting for
To lead us to a better life

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Common Ground by The Herrmannators

5:42 minutes (5.73 MB)

On Walden Pond by The Herrmannators

No doubt another may think for me
but it's not therefore desirable
that he should do so to exclusion
of my thinking for myself
I am convinced both by faith and experience
that to maintain one's self on this earth
is not a hardship but a pastime
if we will live simply and wisely

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The Ballad of Billy Bruce by The Herrmannators

3:55 minutes (3.91 MB)

Coming Home by The Herrmannators

4:20 minutes (4.25 MB)

Three Ghosts by The Herrmannators

4:42 minutes (4.74 MB)

Where's My Trickle by The Herrmannators

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Imagine and Believe by The Herrmannators

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Demo Love At First Sight by JL Herrmann

4:40 minutes (6.41 MB)

Demo Dream Girl by JL Herrmann

4:48 minutes (6.6 MB)

Demo Kiwi Blues by JL Herrmann

3:30 minutes (4.82 MB)

Demo Are We Ever Gonna Love Again by JL Herrmann

3:35 minutes (4.93 MB)

Demo Showers In My Soul by JL Herrmann

5:21 minutes (7.35 MB)

Demo You Used To Take My Breath Away by JL Herrmann

3:13 minutes (4.42 MB)

Demo Fall by JL Herrmann

Words and chords:

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Demo How Can I Miss You by JL Herrmann

4:09 minutes (5.71 MB)

Demo Leave The Lights On by JL Herrmann

3:50 minutes (5.26 MB)

Demo You Don't Own Me by JL Herrmann

3:35 minutes (4.92 MB)

Demo Breakthrough by JL Herrmann

3:16 minutes (4.48 MB)

Demo Choose Your Battles by JL Herrmann

5:02 minutes (6.93 MB)

Demo Find a New Way To Be by JL Herrmann

3:17 minutes (4.5 MB)

Demo Grab What You Can by JL Herrmann

3:01 minutes (4.15 MB)