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2011 Release. 18 Songs

Are We Ever Gonna Love Again? by J.L Herrmann

Are We Ever Gonna Love Again Jim Herrmann – January 2006

Are we ever gonna love again?
Can we find the passion we once had?
Will we ever love again
Or has all that we once were gone that bad?
I can't take much more
Please tell me that you care
And the love that we shared is worth fighting for.

When we first started out our passion left no doubt
We both seemed to know we couldn't let each other go
but time passes like it always does and we drifted apart
I'm sittin here wonderin if and how
we ever got this far



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Fall by J.L Herrmann

Fall November 2009 - Jim Herrmann

Fall descends
Winter's just around the bend
So much on my mind
Feel I'm falling behind

Leaves fall down
In streams of yellow and brown
From my eyes fall the tears
Of a lust for bygone years

Love turns like the autumn leaves
To a winter of discontent
The impulse is to up and leave
All full of bad intent
The river of time keeps flowing
Snow melts and winter ends
True love keeps on going
Spring brings new life again

You can't see
What you've been doing to me
Your love has fallen away

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Leave The Lights On by J.L Herrmann

Leave The Lights On Jim Herrmann - May 2008

Leave The Lights On for me
Leave The Lights On
Leave The Lights On honey
Leave The Lights On

I'm driving down that road
Slicing through the night
I'm trying to find my way to you
Thank goodness for the light


I'm coming to your home
To fill your hearts desire
Trying to find my way to you
And make everything alright



I'll creep into your room
I'll hold you oh so tight
I'm trying to find my way to you
We'll be as one tonight




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Big Fish by J.L Herrmann

Big Fish June/July 2011 - Jim Herrmann & Anne Lamoy
Started out this life working in the fields
Driving a mule team behind a mop board plow
Dreaming ‘bout them bright lights in big cities far away
Wondering 'bout a bigger life somehow
I Left home to see the world out there beyond
Didn’t take to long, to see where I belonged

I'll be a big fish in my little pond
I’m gonna stay here right where I belong
I'll follow my heart, it'll never steer me wrong
I’ll be a big fish in my little pond

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Kiwi Blues by J.L Herrmann

Kiwi Blues Jim Herrmann - July 2006

You know my baby's got those mean old kiwi blues
That Chinese gooseberry is a different kind of food
Down under in New Zealand they call it zespri
Woah! my baby loves to eat that hairy peach
You know my baby loves that fantabulous fruit
Got those kiwi blues don't know what to do

Most fruit when it's brown too late it's gone bad
And when it's green it's usually too early to be had
But kiwi is both brown and green at the very same time
Brown outside, green inside means that kiwi's ripe

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Tommy by J.L Herrmann

Tommy - May 24, 1990

No known words can begin to describe
The way I felt when I looked in his eyes
A beautiful babe a pure innocence born
In the breaking day of a springtime morn

A beautiful Mommy has a beautiful Tommy
On a beautiful day in the month of May
And I don't think you'll find a prouder man than I
With more love for his wife and new son

The greatest change in my entire life
The greatest change since I married my wife
Now there's more than just me and my spouse
Another soul's living in our house



All this new responsibility

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Be With You by J.L Herrmann

Be With You January 2009

I just want to be with you tonight
I would love to dance with you all night
My eyes see only you tonight
I just want to be with you tonight
Yeah, yeah, whoa, whoa
Yeah, yeah, whoa, whoa

I'm always thinking of you can't extract you from my mind
Pretty to look at, better to hold, a vision oh so fine
I ain't got no hurries now, I'm gonna take my time
But know this you can write it down, you're going to be mine


Dreams of you are constantly running through my head
The prowling wolf you know, is always looking to be fed

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Love At First Sight by J.L Herrmann

Love at First Sight - September 2005

Would you believe in a love at first sight?
The kind of thing that happens maybe once in a life
Do you believe in a love at first sight?
Knocks you off your feet and really opens your eyes
Nothing can compare to that magical night
When you find your love at first sight.

You walked into the room, I noticed right away
I saw you look around, and I hoped you would stay
Your friend and you took, a seat cross the room
Our eyes finally met and my heart went boom
Exchanging smiles and glances then I gave you a wink

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