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Musical Progress is the site where you can find all of Jim Herrmann's (a.k.a. JL Herrmann) music. There is music recorded in the 80's, 90's, the oughts, and the teens.

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I Voted Today by Jim Herrmann

A song I wrote in 2006. Do your civic duty and vote every two years.

2:22 minutes (2.18 MB)

Winfield Marks The Years Of My Time by J L Herrmann

Winner at Walnut Valley Festival 2012 in the Winfield Song category

Lyrics for Winfield Marks the Years of My Time

I'm rolling into town across the Walnut bridge
I smell the camp fires burning there's a smile upon my lips
I pull up with to the ticket booth greeted by a friendly smile
We both know good and well that I'm staying for awhile
Land rush calls us to our spots we're staying I believe
Pretending we could stay right here and never have to leave

Winfield marks the years of my time
The years flow slowly past on down the line
Like the Walnut River flowing

4:30 minutes (6.35 MB)

Dear Companion by Linda Erday performed by Corey and Emily

Written by Linda Erday, performed by her children, Corey on guitar and Emily singing.

2:58 minutes (3.63 MB)


JL Herrmann - 11

Jim Herrmann's third album. Released Friday 11/11/11.

All songs composed by Jim Herrmann except “Big Fish” by Jim Herrmann and Anne Lamoy and “Be Strong Live Long” by Jim Herrmann and Linda Erday
Produced by Jim Herrmann
Engineered by Jim Herrmann and Thomas Herrmann
Recorded at IT Sounds Great Studios
Photography and graphics by Linda Erday

Love At First Site

Iko Iko/Man Smart Woman Smarter by The Herrmannators

3:16 minutes (2.95 MB)

Wild Night by The Herrmannators

3:30 minutes (3.16 MB)

Be With You by The Herrmannators

3:23 minutes (3.08 MB)

Baghdad Blues by The Herrmannators

5:01 minutes (4.29 MB)

Demo Grab What You Can by JL Herrmann

3:01 minutes (4.15 MB)
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